Leadership Board

While every Friendship Circle teen volunteer is a leader in our book, we realize that only a select few can make the commitment needed to take their service to the next level. That’s why we created the Leadership Board.

Simply put, the Leadership Board gives students in the 10-12 grades the building blocks to effect real change in their community by developing their leadership skills through guided hands-on experience and training.

Are you eligible to apply? 

þ You will be a sophomore, junior or senior in High School in 2025-26.

þ You have you been an active Friendship Circle volunteer previously.

þ You do not plan to go abroad for any part of the next school year.

þ Your scholastic and extracurricular activities allow for the commitment of several hours a month to the Leadership Board.

þ Y ou have NOT been on the Leadership Board previously - it is a one-year position.

Leadership Board commitment:

1. Be an active and responsible Friendship Circle volunteer.

2. Help expand our community by recruiting a Friendship Circle member.

3. Attend monthly meetings.

4. Assist in coordinating events - for example: Holiday Programs and Clubs.

5. Connect with members on a regular basis regarding Friendship Circle events and communicate with Friendship Circle staff in a timely manner.

6. Be an ambassador for Friendship Circle, promote Friendship Circle and take part in Friendship Circle's annual online fundraising campaign. 

Please email one recommendation letter to [email protected] with your application. Your application will be considered complete when your application and recommendation are received. Recommendations can include teachers, youth directors, religious leaders, employers, etc. Please do NOT include relatives or FC staff members.