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Friendship Circle Hebrew School

Tapping into your child's strengths and unique learning abilities, each child will be welcomed and immersed in a classroom run with a trend setting and creative Judaic curriculum such as music, prayer, Aleph Bet Yoga, and personalized holiday social stories. With learning activities tailored to your child's needs we believe the possibilities for every kid to access and be a part of their Jewish heritage are endless!

This program can be in conjunction with the Chabad Hebrew School or a stand alone option.

2017 Schedule 

Start Date: Wednesday, October 18th

Wednesday, November 1

Wednesday, November 15

Wednesday, November 29

Wednesday, December 6

Wednesday, December 20

Location : Chabad House 2352 Albany Avenue, West Hartford

Fee : $100 yearly tuition
*It is Friendship Circle's policy that no child be turned away due to lack of funds. Contact us if further accommodations is needed.

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