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  • Friendship Circle Hebrew SchoolTapping into your child's strengths and unique learning abilities, each child will be welcomed and immersed in a classroom run with a trend setting and creative Judaic curriculum such as music, prayer, Aleph Bet Yoga, and personalized holiday social stories. Learn more!
  • Young Adult Sukkot Program Friendship Circle provides a social and safe haven for Jewish young adults to gather and have their company be valued by others. Each meet will include fun and social activities, community service or opportunity for personal growth. Learn More
  • Sukkot Street FestivalA Holiday Celebrating Unity and Joy! We're In!!

    Sunday, Tishrei 18/October 8

    12 PM to 1:30 PM at the Chabad Sukkah: 2352 Albany Avenue, WH
    Learn More
  • Why Is the Olive Branch a Symbol of Peace?Long before the ancient Greeks, the Bible recorded that the dove brought an olive branch to
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  • What Do Parents of Happy, Helpful, Confident Children Do Differently?The tone of our voice carries strong messages. Children hear the nuances of our voice, and their... Read More
  • How Can Grandma Make Me Jewish If I Don’t Believe In Anything?How one-quarter can make a whole Jew Read More
  • Extended FamilyRabbi Dr. Israel Drazin served for over three decades as Assistant Chief of Chaplains of the US... Read More
  • Purging Divisiveness, Embracing DifferenceRabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn’s manifesto Read More
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